Everything feels tempting when you don't know who to be..

I often wonder how you feel when you're lying next to me.

I will keep this short and simple. if you have ended up here you either don't belong here..(stalk read) or you have been wanting to add me. if you would like to add me, let me know where you are from and why you want to add me. simple as that.

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Hi Kristen!
I'm Glenn, I'm ancient, live in Philly, and found you in the waiting room.
And we both crave the same thing.

Hey, don't forget to post to brains_omnomnom!
You're still a member!

i've already made my first post and i believe a few others. i just havent been on livejournal much but i have been reading. i hope thats okay.

yeah no worries, just checking in! <3

*WHERE YOU FOUND ME:brains_omnomnom,lol_anaz
*WHY YOU WANT TO BE FRIENDS: You said you needed someone to talk to and I thought I'd be there

this is kinda late but thanks a bunch. will add you now <3

Edited at 2009-04-16 05:27 am (UTC)

This is an invite for the people who are fed up with the no thinspos trolls crap in the other communities read the about the site if your are interested i would love to have you in the community
its both Ana Mia hope your interested if your not sorry for wasting your time.

okay great. im about to leave for work. anyway im starting tomorrow and my number is (702) 883-8500. im mary. i like your username. i am from bodyperfect and i want to add you so i can make your body perfect.
hahaha bye xoxoxxo

Saw your name on healthyrus and i liked it. Thought i would met some new people from that community. hope you have a good day!

dont forget about meee :D

aren't you already added ally? haha

online name: katy. (don't use real life name for privacy)
age: 16
location: england, united kingdom.
reason: i seen you posted a comment on the fighting2win's page, we both want the same thing & i feel we could help eachother. :)

Can we be friends? I noticed you commented on the cerebral_palsy community and you appear to have some sort of eating disorder. I have CP and I am a recovering anorexic.

Same stats, same story.

I'd love to be accepted to be your friend x

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